Charge Board

chargeboard1 chargeboard2Charge board: a skateboard (longboard actually) that charges your devices, AND is a driving sound system! Wow.
I see opportunities here. Let me first explain:

The charge board is an amazing graduation project of a student named Bjorn van den Hout. He studies at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and loves to drive his longboard. He built this amazing board with dynamos in the wheels, which charge a battery while driving. So, after driving around for a while, the battery is full and you can charge your devices!
Why hasn’t there been something like this before? It’s genius! It suits a lifestyle which we see a lot nowadays, and comes in handy. And as if all this wasn’t enough yet; the charge board has been equipped with speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music while rolling. Awesome.
As I said this is a graduation project, and plans to realize it aren’t really there yet, but I think this could potentially be a great product, and he should produce a lot of the boards. Bjorn is hoping that someone who wants to make them will come to his door. And quite frankly, I hope so too. For a product like this, I would happily want to learn how to skateboard.

Here’s the website. 


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