This is Glance

Yes, another kickstarter campaign. I know I’ve been writing a lot about products that I find on kickstarter, but really, that’s where the new and great ideas are to be found!
Enough about kickstarter, let’s talk about this product. It’s called Glance. We all know that smartwatches are coming. We see them more and more. Really, they are handy, make you more social and take your attention away from your phone. But they are ugly. I haven’t really seen one that’s beautiful or that I would like to wear. Until this. Glance is not a watch, but a small device you can slide under the wristband of your watch, or any other tight wristband. Glance is a smart accessory that tells you who is calling, helps you find your phone, enables motion control and activity tracking. It also is the first accessory that turns your existing watch into a smartwatch.

With Glance you can keep your phone in your pocket, save time, control your smartphone, tv or laptop and track your activity. The biggest difference with all the other smartwatches, is that this is not a watch, but a device for your watch. Which doesn’t make it an ugly watch, but your own watch with a great extra function. It’s small, discrete and not at all ugly. I really like this product.
It still isn’t completely backed, so you can back this product here on kickstarter.


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